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The White Pencil Midi Skirt

Hey There Guys, Dropping by with a quick post for my latest DIY this super fast and easy white pencil midi skirt. This is fabric that I purchased while in New York a few years ago. I can't even tell you why I purchased this white fabric because I don't usually wear white. I guess… Continue reading The White Pencil Midi Skirt

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The Knit Caftan Dress – S8911

Hey Guys, .. Today's make: Simplicity 8911 is a real gem. This may be the best dress I've ever made to date....SERIOUSLY.Not only was it easy to make, I feel like it's super comfortable and flattering to my bodyshape. .. I was initially going to make this in a different knit fabric but I soon… Continue reading The Knit Caftan Dress – S8911

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Reading This Post *Might* Help You To Get Your Sewing Motivation Back

Yesterday I was having a conversation with one of my sew sisters about how much more excited and motivated I have been about my sewing these last few weeks. 99.9% of our conversations revolve around sewing. We are often caught up in conversations about what we want to make, what somebody else just made, the… Continue reading Reading This Post *Might* Help You To Get Your Sewing Motivation Back


The Green Velvet Wide Leg Pants – M7757

When clothes don't fit properly it can make you feel like there is something wrong with your body but the truth of the matter is that there is nothing wrong with your body. Your body is Unique and Exceptional & Ready To Wear (RTW) can't handle that! While our bodies come in different shapes and… Continue reading The Green Velvet Wide Leg Pants – M7757


How I Wore It – DIY Striped Maxi

I made this striped Maxi Skirt with matching sash using 2.5 yards of cotton picked up from one of the local discount fabric stores. It has a flat front band with elastic in the back to accommodate my changing waistline. No pattern used here. The front has free formed pleats and the back soft gathers.… Continue reading How I Wore It – DIY Striped Maxi