Teal Evening Gown – Refashion (Pt.1)

Thankfully sewing and this blog are both creative outlets for me and not sources of income. Because honestly if they were, I’d be in a world of trouble as I don’t have too many followers. πŸ˜€

When it comes to sewing and writing, I realized that I don’t perform so well under pressure, I’ve also realized that my best work usually only comes about when the project is inspired, unforced, organic, and allowed to come in it’s own time.

I’ve also discovered that the words and thoughts only flow easily and freely when they come from my ❀. Which leads me into the subject of today’s post.

My heart is just not into sewing, buying, or pushing the latest fashion craze just for the sake of gaining followers or sponsors.

Sure I’ve tried to be a part of that game but I just couldn’t build up the heart or the momentum required to keep up.

Yesterday I was reading a post on Apartment Therapy Blog entitled “The Most Important Elements of a Creative Space according to Author Elizabeth Gilbert”. In the the post she says that you should furnish your space with pieces that remind you of who you are. She goes on to mention objects in her office that reminded her to be free, vulnerable, brave, and alive.

I really loved this because I feel like the contents of a person’s closet should also do the same thing…remind them of who they are and also who they want to be.

Upon careful reflection, I can say at least these 3 things about myself:

1) I care about others. I will no longer run out and purchase “bargain pieces ” with out giving consideration to where they are sourced. It’s really not a bargain to me if the person who made it had to give up precious time with their family, risked their lives or their health by working under dangerous and poor conditions, or settled for low wages because they needed work and had no other choices available to them.

2) I honor my body, my time, and myself so I no longer run out to purchase that cheap hot new sewing pattern , that really doesn’t flatter my body or fit my lifestyle just so that I can be a part of the “in crowd” or gain more followers. I now realize just how much time, money, energy, and space that I have wasted over the years collecting patterns that I don’t love enough to tackle. And if some how they do get made up, they are rarely worn beyond the photo shoot.

3) I care about the environment so I no longer run to Good Will with a bag full off unwanted fabric or “disposable” clothing because I have learned that only 10% of items donated actually get sold. Most ends up in landfills (giving off toxic gasses) or 3rd World Countries.

And at the end of each and every day, I just want to be the girl with a blog who creates and purchases stylish pieces in a more considerate and responsible way.

When I started the blog back in 2016, I had a goal to feature Refashions. But I’ll be honest, I got distracted watching what others were doing. I am back on track now. I am refocusing, refining and resetting my blog.

The dress that i am wearing in today’s post was purchased last year for an Anniversary Party. It is the color Teal, which represents Scleroderma, the disease that my mom passed away from back in 2015.

Since June is Scleroderma Awareness month, I decided last year to post outfits that featured this color. Unfortunately, this dress did not get posted to the blog because the pictures didn’t turn out so good. So we decided to give it another go before I pulled the dress apart for the refashion project.

I actually love how I styled the dress in these photos much better than how I styled it for the party last year.

Because this dress has special meaning to me, I plan to refashion it into a style that can be worn more often. So far I have removed the chiffon from the bodice and detached the bodice from the skirt.

I hope to post the final project some time next month.

5 thoughts on “Teal Evening Gown – Refashion (Pt.1)”

    1. Good Morning Dominique!🌞 I hope that this message finds you doing well. Thank you so much for your encouraging words, they mean a lot. Approaching fashion this way is definitely a bit more of a challenge as it requires more effort and creativity but I am excited.

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