How I Wore It – Graphic Black&White Maxi

I haven’t been sewing, shopping, or posting any outfits lately because I’ve been a bit distracted.

Back in March, I was feeling extremely tired so I decided to have a head to toe physical completed. As I had suspected, it was confirmed that I am slightly anemic … no biggie. BUT the results from the physical & lab work also confirmed that I am also pre-diabetic. Because of this my doctor challenged me to lose weight to lower my BMI (Body Mass Index) in an effort to lower my A1C level. I hit the gym and lost a few pounds and inches but I still have about 10 more pounds to lose before I hit my target BMI goal.

When it comes to looking good in what you wear  FIT IS EVERYTHING! Because I don’t know exactly where my body will end up at the end of this journey, I am going to try to only sew/purchase a few versatile pieces that will fit a range of sizes.

Once I lose the last 10 pounds or so, I will be due for another professional bra fitting and body measurement session.

Enough about that ….. let’s get to what I wore which is the purpose of this post ….

I was delighted to find this Jersey Black & White Graphic Print Maxi dress at my local K&G Fashion Store for $21.99.  I am wearing it in a size M.


Cool chic
Black & White Graphic Print Maxi & Mint Statement Necklace Set (earrings not shown) – K & G Fashion;


  • Mint Statement Necklace & Earring Set $12.99 (earrings not shown) – K & G Clothing Store
  • Mint Satchel  Clearance 22.00 – Charming Charlies
  • Mint Shades $7.50 (2@$15.00) – Charming Charlies
  • Gold Hoops
  • Mint colored nail polish



Mint Satchel & Shades – Charming Charlies

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