How I Wore It – Simplicity 1755



THE BACK STORY (In Case you’re Interested)

My mom was a practical sort of person when it came to dressing.  When it came to clothing and accessories, she tended to favor pieces that could easily be mixed and matched and also worn on all occasions.  Most of her skirts, dresses, and accessories were black.  All of her coats were what she liked to call “All Weather Coats”. They were these tan coats with zip out linings made by London Fog. (I now HATE these coats)

While we were growing up I can’t recall her ever owning or wearing any pretty, fancy, or sparkly pieces.  When it came to dressing me and my two sisters, she kept with her practical nature.

There was one occasion when my older sister and I had been invited to a formal dance party hosted by one of our friends.  We were around 15 & 16 years old.  For this special occasion she decided to hire another seamstress to make our dresses.  Although my sister and I had hoped that we would be getting fancy dresses made, my mom had decided that a fancy dress that could only be worn once would just not be practical. She had a light blue knee length linen dress made for me and a lavender knee length  linen dress made for my sister. When we walked into that party, I think that we were the only girls there not wearing formal dresses.  We both could have just died! Need I say we were both scarred for life.

Fast forward some 30 years later ….. Because of this experience, when I go out or attend a party I might occasionally err on the side of being overdressed.

Back in January, a girlfriend  and I watched this old Bette Davis Movie – “What about Eve?” Fashion-wise it was a great movie.  In fact, I think that we both paid more attention to the gorgeous dresses that the ladies were wearing than we did to the actual plot of the movie. (Shame on Us!)

After watching the movie, she and I decided that it would be fabulous if we could get all dressed up “Old Hollywood” style and attend one of our local theaters – the Fabulous Fox! She and I often joke that instead of us needing the perfect outfit to wear to the occasion, we need the perfect occasion to go with our outfit!

About a week later my girl was able to get us tickets to attend the Alvin Ailey Revelations show at the Fox Theater and the rest is history as they say.

The Alvin Ailey show truly was the perfect occasion for the dress!


  • Black Sparkly Clutch – Purchased from Marshall’s for around $17
  • Vintage Rhinestone Earrings – Borrowed from my sister
  • Vintage Rhinestone Bracelet – Borrowed from my sister
  • Vintage Gold Toned Rhinestone Pin – Borrowed from my sister
  • Black & Gold Guess Pumps – Purchased from Ross for around $30 – (After seeing the pics I think that I should have gone with my Black Sparkly Guess Ankle Strap heels)










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