Wardrobe Basics – Camel 2 Piece Dress

When I was growing up, I remember my mom making me and my older sister two piece dresses consisting of a simple pull over shell and gathered skirt. This outfit was inspired by those memories. Now that I am a busy working mom of 3, I can see why she sewed us pieces like these……. because they are so quick and easy!

In addition to being quick and easy, pieces like these can be easily styled and mixed with other wardrobe pieces.

I used Butterick 5211 to make the pullover top and I self drafted the pleated Midi skirt.  I am in the process of coming up with my own pattern for a pleated skirt.  This is my first prototype.  Once I have it perfected, I will post a tutorial.

Pattern Alterations/Modifications

I used view A to make my top.  I cut a size 10. I initially cut the pattern at the line for shortening/lengthening the waist.  Once I had the pieces put together, I removed an additional 5 inches from the bottom .   The top is pullover so no zipper required!


One of the many ways that I plan to wear this outfit is shown above.  The pieces are so basic that there are several possibilities.

Next Up On The Blog: Kimono Jacket (Made By Me)






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