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I’m Angie H. and this is my new personal style blog .. Style By Intuition and  I am totally  excited that you stopped by today. I’m now in the process of rebuilding my wardrobe piece by piece.

Back in 2015 I decided that I was tired of walking into my OVER stuffed closet filled with NOTHING  that I wanted to wear ( Seriously, I was wearing the same 4-5 pieces over and over). So I decided to just get rid of all of the stuff that I wasn’t wearing for what ever reason.

It literally took me almost a year  and several closet raids to let it  all go….. but I finally got it done! 

Instead of rushing out to replace the clothes that I had let go of, I realized that I needed to figure out what I really needed and wanted in my closet; my personal style; and what looked good on me.  If I didn’t do this first,  I would just end up sewing and buying  all of the wrong things again and ultimately ending up right back where I started. 

So now I think that I have things figured out to a point where I am ready to start shopping and sewing again.

My goal is to build a  modern stylish wardrobe using mostly sewn, rescued, and bargain priced pieces. Can it be done well?  Can it be done with out me looking like I’m wearing a Home Ec project or like I stepped straight out of the 80’s? I think so ….. but I’ll let you be the judge.

I’ll be posting  my makes and finds (good and bad) along with a few style lessons learned along the way.

I’m currently working on an outfit to wear to celebrate my upcoming wedding anniversary.  I will be posting about it on the blog soon. See you then.

Angie H.















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